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Real Canadians spend the winter in Canada. Above all, Raven is resourceful, a survivor, as the territory compels most Canadians to be. I like the fact that ravens live in all provinces and territories across Canada, are very smart birds and also have a strong connection to First Nations. The Raven! This Raven’s resourcefulness, intelligence and geographic range speak to this. These birds are amazing, clever individuals who follow their own path in life and are certainly Canadian. (Jasper, AB), — Soumis le 3/22/2015 par Lorie j Taylor Leech It was here when our first peoples walked across the Bering Strait land bridge. Everybody knows crows. Other birds being considered are not as widespread. The Raven are intelligent and can be found in rural and urban settings, adapting to niches where we have built human communities. It's the obvious choice. They are highly communal and are amazing parents. Mysterious and lofty, ravens among the cleverest of birds and excellent survivors. A bird for all seasons, not one who flees winter. Oiseau très farouche, il s'observe ordinairement seul ou par couples. It lives in First Nations mythology and Aesop's fables, thus joining Canada's First Peoples with those who came later. As corvids they are exceedingly intelligent and clever. (Edmonton, AB), — Soumis le 1/26/2015 par Dustin Collins I live in southern Saskatchewan, near the Qu'Appelle Valley, 30 miles north of Regina. It is one tough bird, and can live on dump pickings if need be. (Edmonton, AB), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par Ian Mansell They are the trickster and shape shifter from aboriginal stories, and in some stories they are the creator of life, bringer of light. On the woods it collaborates with wolves and coyotes to eat carcasses, it chatters to us with a mix of sounds and syntax, and it is one of the Tricksters. My Great Grandparents homesteaded here, building a sod house on this same land that I now live on, in 1884. Just like a tough Canadian. No interloper, the raven has been here since before the first peoples made their way across the continent. But let's grab hold of this hunk of world/European culture that is certainly part of us, with both hands. (La Ronge, SK), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Don Johnston Beautiful! We are a family of birdwatchers and although we have had a difficult time in choosing, we think the Raven could be a good choice. Il a une présence majestueuse. Is that the kind of Canadian you want to be? Ravens look bad-ass2. This bird is smart, intuitive and mythical in nature. For many years the Raven was absent from the plains of western Canada. I would assume for the same reasons, the Aboriginal People of the northern area of Asia would also hold the bird in high esteem. He'll take the easy found food, hunt his own, or puzzle out how to open more unusual treats like nuts or shellfish. The playful nature of ravens and their continued exploration of new territories and environments reflects the way Canadians a new Canadians explore and adapt to this vast country. It travels and resonates through the trees, mountains, and fields of our great and diverse land. (Crofton, BC), — Soumis le 1/18/2015 par Wolf Wikeley (winnipeg, MB), — Soumis le 6/30/2016 par Donna Boyle For a bird that has such a long long life span this is something to be admired. I once had a job doing water testing and would frequent a spot near a landfill. Specifically, their hyperpallium is large, for a bird. (Chatham, ON), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Matthew Huntley Ravens are the toughest, smartest birds out there. Oiseau mal aimé, il est doté d'une intelligence remarquable. While many National birds ed are mainly predators the raven assists in keeping the Nation clean how ever can become a predator if necessary showing its versatility and its strength. (Calgary, AB), — Soumis le 1/26/2015 par Ross Bowie The Common Raven is an admirable bird, capable of aerobatic excellence, tough and dare I say personable. Overall ravens are considered more help than harm. (Squamish, BC), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Michael Cutler He carries stories of contributions and retributions, soaring high and wide to deliver his messages to their rightful owners. It balances the other symbols of Canada with a bit more edge and power than the others. And Raven hung the sun in the sky! Ravens are the smartest birds that I know. GO RAVENS: VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN FOR CANADA’S NATIONAL BIRDfrom, Picture this: it’s bird prom night and over 450 different species are squawking their way around the gymnasium ahead of the big announcement of bird prom king or queen. (Carlisle, ON), — Soumis le 2/24/2015 par Mari Sasano PS, raven is a songbird?!! This intelligent creature represents an extension of ourselves and while it may take on many forms and many roles has the common theme of being the hero. He is the king of his domain yet his humour and playfulness make him a child full of hope and joy. (ajax, ON), — Soumis le 2/21/2016 par Michael Castonguay (Toronto, ON), — Soumis le 2/1/2015 par Lori Simek En effet, il est reconnu pour être une espèce qui représente la mémoire et même créateur du monde! (Chateauguay, QC), — Soumis le 1/28/2015 par William Gilmour Sorry. This appears to be happening among different song groups of Raven. I have enjoyed seeing them, listening to them and feeding them. I could go on, but really if there is not yet a round of nodding as the realization that the raven is objectively the best choice then there is not much I can do to help. Wonderful tool users, clever problem solvers and very adaptable to environments. Ravens are the kings and queens of corvidae. 5. Our First Nations in Canada revere the raven for its playful, creative, cunning ways and have many totems to this bird for energy and magic. If you spend time around them you know they are watching us at least as often as we watch them. It lives where I live in Northern Ontario and stays here all year round. (Vernon, BC), — Soumis le 1/28/2015 par Nick Bayliss Among the smartest bird species in the world and quite elegant. It can mimic human voice and speech. “I have Canada in my name,” she says smugly, “and they named a jacket after me.”. (Cantley, QC), — Soumis le 2/10/2015 par Murielle St-Pierre (Ottawa, ON), — Soumis le 2/12/2015 par SA Jones Crows, ravens, magpies, and jays are not just feathered machines, rigidly programmed by their genetics. And all of this without speaking on the role of the raven in native Canadian folklore, nor it's ecological role. Well reknowned for mimicry and a gentle trickery I think this bird's arguable sense of humour and prominence in the mythology of the first peoples makes it a great representative of the Canadian character. Pour son intelligence, isa capacité a résoudre des problèmes, sa capacité pour les petits de jouer, ses acrobaties aériennes et enfin il passe l'hiver avec nous. . It's also the most intelligent, wise bird of all. (Medicine Hat, AB), — Soumis le 2/6/2015 par Lori Simek J'adore entendre ces oiseaux se parler dans le grand nord! (Saint-Bruno, QC), — Soumis le 2/10/2015 par lise Machabée We were on the edge of a cliff perhaps 400 in the air. They keep to themselves. When in the Arctic or the northern part of the provinces you will always see Ravens cruising the skies or just sitting watching over the land and people, summer and winter. Their aerobatics are something to stop and watch. They even have a complex vocabulary and have even been taught to speak. Ravens are fascinating, highly intelligent animals, and they have a strong connection to the Native lore from all across the country. (Edmonton, AB), — Soumis le 2/7/2015 par Bill Raitt Il est omnivore, ce qui consiste à avoir un régime alimentaire très varié. MLN pioneered the introduction of contemporary continental criticism (Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, QC), — Soumis le 2/14/2015 par Gordon Curry Growing up in Saskatchewan, it felt strange that our national tree and symbol, the maple, was nowhere to be found in the prairies. The raven, despite having a wide distribution (thus being less unique to Canada) is the most intriguing choice. It is resourceful and intelligent. It survives and flourishes both in the wild and in the city, both in the summer and especially in the winter. (Victoria, BC), — Soumis le 7/20/2015 par Robert Alexander I have never doubted their awareness of my presence, nor do I now. A tiny bucket of meat was placed inside a pipe, and two pieces of wire were left in their cage, one hooked and one straight. The sheer intelligence of the Raven is evident in its daily living activities and its ability to mimic is beyond comprehension. C'est un oiseau très intelligent, qui s’adapte et s’intègre à son environnement sans le détruire ou causer de nuisance. They're also slightly terrifying. Well they can survive winter weather and I feed them cat food that I soak in water so they can digest it better. But the Raven is here. (Markdale, ON), — Soumis le 3/14/2016 par Donald Graham A number of years ago we held off having a tree infested with Pine beetles taken down as there was a nest with babies in it. (North Bay, ON), — Soumis le 10/31/2015 par Wendy Sharon. Most raptors are migratory. (Sarnia, ON), — Soumis le 3/9/2015 par Andrew Scott The common raven is found, year round, in virtually all of Canada. This trickster from many aboriginal stories deserves our greatest respect and I would be proud to have ravens as a symbol of canadian strength, intelligence, resiliency and family orientation. Sa longue queue est caractéristique en vol. Many species are widespread but do they live here for the entire year? People might think they're just large versions of a crow, but they aren't half as noisy, nor do they fly around in packs pestering other birds. (st catharines, ON), — Soumis le 8/23/2015 par Brenda Griffiths This beautiful bird is an acrobatic flyer. Scientific Name: (Québec, QC), — Soumis le 2/11/2015 par Pierre Cantin (Gabriola, BC), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Sarah Wheatley They are very competitive, fierce when challenged, and stay at home even on long, cold winter nights they are very hardy, and they are probably the most intelligent, certainly amongst the most intelligent, avians on the planet. Ravens are tricksters and gamesters, and there is something in that playful, joyous spirit worth emulating and cultivating in ourselves. Vote Raven! Lets just go with, because this bird rocks. the Raven is anything but common., GO RAVENS: VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN FOR CANADA’S NATIONAL BIRDPower-outage-causing symbol of Yellowknife is on the ballot, but needs your support to win, Despite the raven’s mere 1,000 votes, the bird is getting some illustrious support. for me it was a toss up between the Great Blue Heron and the Raven. I like ravens and crows.More than I like people.They seem smarter than people.They deserve more. The Raven holds a significant place in the mythology of this Nation's first residents and for good reason. He must have some radar system as he can find it when needed exactly where he hid it. Première nidification : 2 à 3 ans. The raven is the bird that best represents the qualities that Canadians admire and strive for:Intelligence: The raven is the smartest bird of all.Co-operation: The raven works with Inuit hunters and others.Survival: The raven can and does survive in all sorts of environments.Communication and Humour: Is there any bird funnier than the raven- a true trickster?Heritage: The raven connects us with our first peoples and their cultures.The raven should definitely be Canada's bird. Ranging across northern North America, including all Canadian provinces and territories, this highly intelligent bird has always been identified with the north, starting with the ancient First Nations legends of the Raven as one of the central spirits of the northlands. Its call brings the forests into being, intelligent, playful, majestic. (Port Sydney, ON), — Soumis le 1/27/2015 par Paul Lantz The raven would be a fitting representative for Canada because of its wide distribution, strong family values, and iconic image. Their intelligence and resourcefulness during all seasons makes this handsome bird a perfect choice as a Canadian symbol. To vote for raven, check out the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s National Bird Project. Mais pourquoi est-il si terrible de se nourrir d'animaux mort les humains le font eux mêmes, mais dans une assiette. Ask any Yellowknifer - they will have a raven story. (Castlegar, BC), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par Jennifer Dyck Ses effectifs sont actuellement en nette augmentation. (Richmond, BC), — Soumis le 4/7/2016 par Robert Teefy (Calgary, AB), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par John K. Leslie (Summerville Centre, NS), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Jim Ringrose The common raven is one of the most common birds found in northern Canada, year around! It is big and bold. To me the raven is a regal bird. They display ability in problem solving, as well as other cognitive processes such as imitation and insight.[74]. Just like Canadians. Clever , cunning and majestic bird! No food involved just talking to them when I am outside. "kohlrabenschwarz" is the coolest word you'll ever see and it translates to raven black so, there you go. Not to mention they're incredibly intelligent birds! In my mind the raven is so much connected with the original Canadian inhabitants that I would like it to continue representing our country. Seule la femelle couve tandis que le mâle la nourrit. (Middle Sackville, NS), — Soumis le 1/24/2015 par Diane Stinson Another raven story from the Puget Sound region describes the “Raven” as having originally lived in the land of spirits that existed before the world of humans. It in fond almost everywhere in Canada ( I think). Their intelligence is impressive and I think they are a beautiful bird. (Stettler, AB), — Soumis le 12/30/2015 par Wolf Kirchmeir 1. In both both artwork and stories from our aboriginal people you will always find the Raven. We feed them and in return they watch over us, warning with calls when strange animals and people approach. The Raven is a tough, smart, self-sufficient bird who is with us all year even through the winter. They allowed me to pick him up and place him on a branch in a tree in our yard, where they came and looked after him for the evening and then were able to eventually get him back to the nest. Each grouping in different places has different songs and they use to communicate with each other to pass along information and perhaps learning of food caches and more our problem as humans is we don't know as we haven't studied that. (Victoria, BC), — Soumis le 2/6/2015 par Laurie McInnes Oh, to be a bright-sky Raven, Darker than the night can be, and to speak to snowy landscapes In tones supervisory. Is he a crow or a raven? This is the bird that let's me I am home, no matter where I am. Thank you. (Vancouver, BC), — Soumis le 2/17/2015 par Claire Mitchell It doesn't leave in winter or the darkness of the Arctic days. (Duncan, BC), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Deirdre Glaros Every visit there, I would listen to 15-30 ravens chatter and talk. They also work together, with one or two distracting dogs while the others steal their food. At Oxford University, ornithologists conducted an unusual experiment with two Caledonian Crows the Journal of Science. (Rouyn-Noranda, QC), — Soumis le 1/25/2015 par Jennifer Pike Just like Canadians. I've traveled this whole country now. Known for its incredible intelligence, resourcefulness and adaptability, the raven is a constant source of awe and amusement wherever it is found. Marie, ON), — Soumis le 1/30/2015 par Sam Nesbitt I realize Ravens are not the most beautiful, but, strong like Canadians. And, yes, we have ravens in southern Saskatchewan, I watch them post guards while the partner goes through the dumpster. (Qualicum Beach, BC), — Soumis le 1/27/2015 par Tim Fletcher Crows/ravens are the perfect Canadian bird because they are part of every day life in (most) of this contrary, without being at all ordinary. Surely this is the ultimate qualification. Opposite to human Canadians, it is NOT polite, and is very brash and noisy, but that is not a bad thing, maybe we should follow the example of the Common Raven. And, that throaty croak will let you know if all is well while you're hiking in the great Canadian outdoors. He sits on signs in the morning sunlight talking to us with a "rawk" or a "tock" as if to say "c'est ne pas un pays, c'est l'hiver." Fits with our historical and traditional histories. Ravens are magic. The Raven knows how to open the chip bag you just set on the picnic table. Therefore it is well qualified to represent Canada. Unlike the crow, the raven is a shy bird. It's an instantly recognizable bird in a way that the Gray Jay isn't. Hardy,resourceful and encompassing the entire Canadian landscape year round makes the raven the only true candidate for Canada's national bird. (Star City, SK), — Soumis le 1/23/2015 par Sharon Jackson This bird are the most intelligent and It live until from the extreme north of the Canadian Artic to the south border and from an ocean to the other. Love ravens, and as an artist, find them stunningly beautiful, and I paint them all the time. It is not as pestering as the crow, nor as arrogant as the eagle. Il reste parmi nous toute l'année. Unlike the loon, who sits comfortably in Canada's many lakes, the raven spreads its wings to explore all the vast wilderness From lake to ocean, from prairie to peak, from tree to glacier. A beautiful, intelligent animal. Ravens inspire writers and story tellers in both aboriginal and non-aboriginal cultures in ways that no other bird does. The raven is resourceful, smart, can easily survive a Canadian winter, loud and proud, has a First Nation tie-in, and even has a university behind it (Carleton). It's the Reaven that's big bold and beautiful just like Canada. I wouldn't vote for a bird that won't stick around in the season that defines this county. How about playful, graceful and strong? Et les choucas dans tout ça ! The raw power of the raven's cry which splits the silent sky and and the many subtle and not so subtle intonations and variations found in Raven's conversation are complex and fascinating. It has returned now, in great numbers, due, no doubt, to depopulation of the rural countryside, change in agricultural practices, and likely changing climate conditions. When the animals opened the boxes all the things that comprise the world came into being. They knew the Raven was special and they honored it in their mythology. In cities like Edmonton, ravens regularly hold annual conferences, where hundreds of birds gather from many miles around and sit for most of the day on one or more large trees, often at 20 below or more. Canadians respond to this bird because deep within us there is something that instinctively KNOWS Raven is a quintessential symbol of Canada. They are bright, inquisitive, bold and of constant interest to our toddler, who tries to speak their language. (Laval, QC), — Soumis le 2/12/2015 par Catherine Laratte It is a very intelligent bird and stately in its demeanour. (Fort McMurray, AB), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Noah Arney No bird has such a sense of humor. (Kelowna, BC), — Soumis le 6/3/2015 par Kathy Guenkel I think this should be the countries national bird because it is one of the smartest birds ever to live. Vote the Raven.She has to be the most intelligent of our feathered beings.I spend hours with them almost daily.I've seen them make tools out of bobby pins, straws, cups and any scrap of nothingness they can find. When the Chinook Winds come howling in in winter time, you can rest a sure the Ravens are playing in the updrafts of clay-cliffs. Heck, ravens probably know that the loon is their main competition for Canada's national bird and they are no doubt puzzled that we could be considering a good looking singer who spends his days fishing. Smart, curious and crafty...just like Canadians. Strong roots in Aborigjnal culture. It is a strong bird, not showy, and my favorite part, it can mimic the sounds of anything in its environment. The raven has such meaning and such history. However, there will be considerably fewer ravens killed by trucks once the lookout learns to say "Troc" as well as "Caw.". It's large, black feathery-frame, shines and shimmers, playing on the eyes a question of what is known and what is seen. Ravens are the most common bird that stands out in my area and they are super intelligent (supposedly). And made of tough stuff which we Canadians have to be especially this winter. (New Westminster, BC), — Soumis le 1/31/2015 par David Trudel (Victoria, BC), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par Michael Purves The raven has modest plumage but its personality is magnificent. (Saskatoon, SK), — Soumis le 3/27/2015 par Grant Hudolin Never realized what a beautiful bird the common raven was until one year out West in B.C. (Vancouver, BC), — Soumis le 3/1/2015 par Tanya Jenkins Ne fréquente pas les refuges pour oiseaux. The raven is very intelligent and industrious, much like Canadians. Ravens are all those things. The Common Raven is worthy of being nominated as Canada's National Bird. Captive ravens learn to speak clearly, one of which impressed Vladimir Putin at the Tower of London by greeting all of his Russian entourage with a sharp “Good morning.” During World War II, when all but one of the ravens at the Tower of London were killed, Winston Churchill issued an urgent request to West Wales to supply a few new raven pairs. However, when one discovers a large carcass guarded by a pair of adult ravens, he will return to the roost and communicate his find. What bird would want to emulate a human? This bird is also probably the most intelligent of the group, and is a major player in our indigenous peoples' lore. They have amazing vocal qualities, almost comical and then other times haunting as you hear their powerful wings swoop through a rainforest. And anybody that has seen them fly knows that they are great fun lovers. Ravens are year round residents in Canada and would represent Canada well as a National Bird. The raven is found in every part of Canada throughout the year and has been highly regarded by aboriginal peoples of this land. They live in cities where they have adapted to eating human leftovers. First Nations hold the Raven with high esteem in their mythology. It is omnivorous - it will do what it needs to do to survive. Most Canadians would consider winter to be a central facet of the Canadian identity. Once a bird from the flock that was injured kept returning, walking into my yard to find food so I left for it fruit, vegetable scraps, a hard boiled egg etc. And the Raven is the only Corvid in this contest. The raven is ubiquitous. I lived in Whitehorse for over 20 years. They are easily spooked though, when I approached their home, they quickly fly away, startling me often. (Montréal, QC), — Soumis le 1/27/2015 par Kathleen Matthews Is the kind reputation of Canadians deserved? The raven's call evokes a lonely feeling evoking the vastness of the quiet boreal rainforest. (Chilliwack, BC), — Soumis le 8/31/2016 par colin cameron Ce bel aviaire a toison noire lustrée a mauvaise presse puisqu'on s'attarde à sa réputation de charognard. The Raven lives all across Canada and is highly intelligence. Balade en Bretagne (29) - La réserve du Cap Sizun. Territories don't have constitutional status like provinces so that's not a problem.). Powerful, beautiful and mysterious. But ravens are smart, extremely social, can self-recognize and by being generalists, opportunists and tool-users can survive the Canadian winter. It has character and special meaning for most of Canada's indigenous people as well. Ravens are often seen rolling through the skies "in playful flight patterns" like a group meandering Sopwith Camels. No other bird species embodies so many aspects of our country and our cultures and for that reason the Common Raven deserves to be recognized as Canada's national bird. Raven is Trickster. (calgary, AB), — Soumis le 7/6/2016 par Dezene Huber Of course there is a pecking order and they are top of the list. They are the ultimate survivor, always foraging for food. Unlike just about every other bird, the Raven is honoured in the stories and clan structures of many societies and cultures across Canada, a testament to its relationship with humankind.

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