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Enfin, Zoom a ramené son adversaire déchu à S.T.A.R. Saison 2L'homme qui a sauvé Central CityFlash of two worldsPression familialeUn retour inattenduLe face-à-face (mentionné)Gare au gorille (mentionné)Les Légendes d'aujourd'huiEncore plus fortCourse au ralentiUn seul et uniqueLes Pleins Pouvoirs (mentionné)Bienvenue sur Terre-2La dernière brècheKing SharkL'éclair BleuFlash BackL'affrontementUn héro ordinaireRuptureLa vitesse pureInvincibleLe Duel Jordan and Jillian felt a romantic attraction to each other, and eventually realize that they have a lot in common.[11]. En raison de son statut de supersonique, Zoom était quelqu'un de très orgueilleux qui aimait savourer ses victoires et en profiter pour essayer d'affaiblir ses adversaires en se ventant de sa supériorité auprès d'eux. Créant un Reste du Temps pendant la course, Barry parvient à la fois à libérer Joe et à vaincre Zoom tandis que son Reste se sacrifie pour détruire le Magnetar et sauver tout le Multivers. She is equipped with an arsenal of weapons, including a replicate Zamaron star sapphire, of unknown origin. Technically speaking, however, Carol Ferris simultaneously appears as Star Sapphire in the same issue. We're inclined to believe the latter, since the introduction of time travel, and now alternate universes have given the writers a crowded bag of tricks (and created a show in which "it's me from the future" is actually a plausible explanation). However, promotional imagery included in Blackest Night vol. Rencontrant par la suite la Team Flash, il se présente comme étant Jay Garrick, un supersonique démuni de ses pouvoirs venu pour les avertir de l'arrivée prochaine de Zoom. ATTENTION : Voir ce lien pour ce qui concerne Black Flash. [17], Jordan then told Ferris to attempt to remove the Star Sapphire from Cowgirl while he confronted the Zamarons. You have been warned. And here's where things get... interesting: "For us, it could only happen because of what happened last season. Entourage Cherchant sans cesse à s'améliorer, il développe un sérum, le Velocity 6, afin d'augmenter ses capacités physiques. [14][15], When the Star Sapphire gem resurfaced, hosted by Carol Ferris, it attacked Cowgirl at Pancho's to get to Jordan before realizing that Jordan had feelings for her. For Barry and the others, as much as they were stung by Wells/Thawne’s betrayal, he had been their mentor and friend and they all felt that vacuum when he was gone. As Star Sapphire, Darnell can use her gem of power to fly and to hurl blasts of force nearly equal to the power of a Green Lantern's ring. First Appearance Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. Mid-Nite and Terrific, along with Batman, separately realize that Sue was murdered by someone with access to the technology of the Atom, Ray Palmer. Lorsque la Team Flash réintègre Terre 1 après le sauvetage de Jesse, Hunter se voit dans l'obligation de tuer son Reste du Temps. Zoom Nol-Anj persuades Cossite that the ring's presence is proof that her love for him is true, and he readily opens the door and allows her to slip the ring onto her fingers and acquire its power. The love for her clann is so potent, Nol-Anj has been shown to have the ability to extend her violet powers to shatter green constructs and summon/control multiple members of the Braidmen across great distances. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. [2] This Star Sapphire claims to be a queen from the 7th Dimension, and attempts to conquer Earth by destroying all the plant life, which would cause the world to run out of oxygen. The Flash, Batwoman, Walker & Co: The CW gibt die Startdaten für die neuen Staffeln bekannt, The Flash: Hartley Sawyer aufgrund von sexistischen und rassitischen Tweets entlassen, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman & Co: The CW verlängert vorzeitig zehn Serien, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Neues Poster und Episodenbeschreibung zum Crossover von Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl & Co, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Neue Teaser-Trailer zum großen Crossover von Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl & Co, The Batman: Die Prequel-Serie hat ihren Showrunner verloren, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood - Quentin Tarantino arbeitet an einem Roman, Old: Dreharbeiten zu M. Night Shyamalans neuem Thriller beendet, Justice League: Neuer Trailer zum Snyder-Cut veröffentlicht, Transformers: Steven Caple Jr. soll den nächsten Kinofilm inszenieren, Hägar der Schreckliche: King Features & The Jim Henson Company Developing entwickeln Animationsserie, Wonder Girl: The CW plant weitere Arrowverse-Serie, Black Panther 2: Kein animierter Hauptdarsteller für Fortsetzung geplant, Cyberpunk 2077: Trophäenliste aus Versehen auf GOG geleakt, Justice League: Neue Einblicke hinter die Kulissen, Suicide Squad 2: James Gunn bestätigt Auftritt von Sylvester Stallone, The Stand: Neue Promo zur Stephen-King-Serie, TrekCheck - Der Podcast zu Star Trek: Discovery 3.05, Bullet Train: Zazie Beetz im Action-Thriller mit Brad Pitt, Zack Snyder's Justice League: Nachdrehs bringen wohl nur vier Minuten an neuen Szenen, Netflix bestellt 2. Serie principal The fallen Sapphire's ring flies to Nol-Anj's cell, where it declares her eligible to become a Star Sapphire herself. [9] This presumably leaves her encased in crystal during the events currently enfolding in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. Considérant ce produit comme du poison, il en consomme seulement pour sauver la vie d'Harrison Wells lorsque celui-ci est blessé par Patty Spivot. Wiki ARROW France est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Télévision. Ce n'est pas la seule référence : ce personnage dont. Emmanuel Lemire Dans un cas similaire à Flash de Terre 1, qui est surnommé "le justicier écarlate", Hunter a déclaré être appelé "la comète pourpre", bien que ce surnom a aussi pu être volé à Jay Garrick. 4 #20 (July 2007). Hunter Zolomon (Terre 2) est un méta-humain supersonique originaire de Terre 2 et un criminel notoire connu sous le pseudonyme de Zoom. She continues to serve as Star Sapphire after her first appearance, and eventually both falls in love with and enslaves the Green Lantern of Xanador. Something tells me Barry’s going to make good on that promise.”. Arrow Né sur Terre 2, Hunter Zolomon est le fils de James et Ashley Zolomon. After Larfleeze's attack is thwarted, Hal and the rest of the Lanterns discover Cossite's body and learn of Nol-Anj's escape, who had by then commandeered a spacecraft and left for space sector 0563. Recognizing the attack provokes Ferris to become Star Sapphire again and defend herself. Déterminé à lui voler sa vitesse, il passe les six mois suivants à réunir des informations sur le justicier et sur son équipe. Dela Pharon was introduced as the third woman to hold the position of Star Sapphire in Green Lantern vol. Batman confiscates the note before the authorities or the media can learn of its existence. Hunter Zolomon est l'un des antagonistes principaux de la série Flash, étant l'antagoniste principal de la saison 2. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Wie genau Garrick dies jedoch gelungen ist, inklusive der Tatsache, dass er sich in der vorletzten Folge selbst umgebracht hat, bleibt jedoch vorerst offen. Sexe The super-hero community rallies to find the murderer. Avant de partir, Hunter souhaite tuer son ennemi mais les paroles de Caitlin le ramènent à la raison et il préfère fuir avec elle. SPOILER immer mit Spoilertag: Vader ist Lukes Vater. She first appears as the second Star Sapphire in Green Lantern vol. With The Flash finally revealing the true identity of ZOOM, we break down the twist, the biggest problems it raises, and what comes next. La team Flash emprisonne alors Barry pour l'empêcher de participer à cette course mais le héros est libéré par Wally lorsque le père de celui-ci, Joe West, est kidnappé par Zoom. The Flash returns Tuesday, March 22 at 8 p.m. Credit: [13] When the three recovered POWs were put back on active Air Force duty, it was done so on the condition that they attend therapy sessions. For most of "King Shark," the cliffhanger was unresolved, until the stinger scene blew the doors off the fan theories. 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This was the Golden Age character's sole modern appearance. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Mindwipes Storyline category. Cependant, même sous cette identité, il détestait Harrison Wells dont il avait découvert qu'il était responsable de la création des méta-humains et considérait même que ce dernier était une personne étrange qui cachait beaucoup de choses, un aspect qu'il a continué de démontrer lorsqu'il était allié à la team Flash. Despite calling the vast nothingness of the Canadian prairies home (or perhaps because of it) film and television have been a passion since birth. Dans un ultime assaut, Zolomon assassine le père de Barry et construit un Magnétar capable de générer un pulsar capable de détruire tout le multivers. The FlashHarrison WellsCaitlin SnowCisco RamonHenry Allen Read at your own risk! All three skip the sessions, deciding instead to get together at Pancho's, the station bar, and work through it. Comment [WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Flash Season 2, Episode 15. Identity Crisis #7(February, 2005) When Batman tried to prevent them from doing so, he was mind-wiped as well. Zoom’s identity is finally revealed.”, In a lot of ways, history is basically repeating itself. Star Sapphire is the name of several fictional supervillainesses characters in DC Comics; many of them are villainous, and all connected in origin.Within DC continuity, an immortal race of warrior women (the Zamarons) were depicted as having the ancient tradition of choosing physically identical mortals from across the cosmos to serve as the host body for their queen. During the mission all three of their jets were shot down and the pilots taken as prisoners of war. https://arrow.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Hunter_Zolomon_(Terre_2)?oldid=77736. Bien que le casque ailé soit une idée d'Hunter Zolomon, le véritable Jay Garrick le garda car l'objet était devenu synonyme d'espoir. Dropping the limp, red-leather-clad speedster onto the floor of his Earth-2 lair, Zoom is unfazed, simply stating what most Flash fans and Zoom theorists were already thinking: "this... is a complication.". After becoming his mate, she kills him and encases their planet in violet crystal so that they will be together until the end of time. Comprenant qu'il doit se nourrir de la vitesse d'un autre supersonique pour guérir, il visite de nombreux univers parallèles. However, following Infinite Crisis, Wonder Woman has been restored as a founding member, so the Black Canary retcon has been retconned. L'une de ses ambitions était de lui voler sa vitesse pour devenir encore plus puissant mais aussi pour se guérir du sérum Vélocité-6. A new villainous Star Sapphire debuted in Green Lantern Vol 5 #21 (August 2013). Enfin, Hunter avait un certain goût pour l'humour noir et l'ironie puisque pour essayer de prouver que Barry et lui étaient les mêmes, il a ramené et tué son père dans la même pièce que celle où sa mère a été tuée par Eobard Thawne. Pour des raisons inconnues, il n'y parvient pas et enferme Jay dans son repère secret. The first version of the character appeared in All-Flash Comics #32 (Dec–Jan 1947) and Comic Cavalcade #29 (Oct–Nov 1948) and battled the Golden Age Flash. Statut Cowgirl and Jordan used the surprise to overcome their jailers, located Rocket-Man, fled the camp, and eventually made it to a campsite and a hospital. Le scientifique accepte à contrecœur. Nur angemeldete Benutzer können kommentieren.Ein Konto zu erstellen ist einfach und unkompliziert. [5] However, she would go on to play an on and off romantic role in his life. During the mission her jet was hit and the Air Force lost contact, causing Jordan to go after her, in his Green Lantern guise, when he found out. The-Flash-Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg hat mittlerweile in einem Interview bestätigt, dass es sich bei Zoom um unter Hunter Zolomon a.k.a Jay Garrick handelt. The Flash finally unveiled Zoom’s identity during Tuesday’s episode, likely leaving fans shocked and confused. Don’t trust this guy! [8], Before the events of the issue, the Zamarons chose Pharon as their new queen and recipient of the Star Sapphire, but a dissenting group of Zamarons claimed that Ferris would have made a superior queen. As Jack Drake fatally shoots Captain Boomerang, the latter manages to throw a razor boomerang at Drake's chest, injuring him fatally. Now it seems to have reverted back so that virtually every hero in the JLA knows who they actually are. This template will categorize articles that include it into the Identity Crisis crossover category. Mort (transformé en Black Flash) Kreisberg goes on to make it clear that Jay Garrick's actions were the definition of deceitful and malicious, giving the entire season a sense of tragic irony, as the one person who has doubted Jay - Harrison Wells - was ignored, since it was him who was being regularly doubted. She was in a coma following the mind-wipe, and was revived by her teammates in the Secret Society. Tueur en série Identity Crisis #1(August, 2004) Während Zoom den gerade getöteten Jay Garrick zu Boden fallen lies, zog er sich die Maske vom Kopf und offenbarte sich als eine weitere Version von Garrick.The-Flash-Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg hat mittlerweile in einem Interview bestätigt, dass es sich bei Zoom um unter Hunter Zolomon a.k.a Jay Garrick handelt. Cependant, Flash récupéra sa vitesse et emprisonnera tous les sbires de Zoom. Though she was able to do so, the stone immobilized both her and Cowgirl while the Zamarons gained the upper hand over Jordan. Une fois qu'il a volé la vitesse de Flash, rendant Central City vulnérable aux criminels méta-humains, il rassemble un grand nombre de métas issus de Terre 2 en plus des métas de Terre 1 et assiège la ville. James Zolomon (père)Ashley Zolomon † (mère) She also portrayed a French real estate agent named Camille on Earth. “Just when we solve one mystery, we like to set up another one,” he says coyly. Lorsque celle-ci tente de lui échapper en s'alliant avec Killer Frost, Zoom tue cette dernière. Her whereabouts were unknown until recently when it was revealed that she was mind-wiped and put in a coma. The Flash finally unveiled Zoom’s identity during Tuesday’s episode, likely leaving fans shocked and confused. But after "King Shark" picked up where the last episode's cliffhanger left the audience, the villain known as Zoom was actually unmasked. Nach der Explosion des S.T.A.R. Furieux, Barry engage le combat avec Zoom mais hésite à le tuer le moment venu. In the universe prior to the current one, groups managed to tap into the wellspring of power created by the Emotional Spectrum. In the absence of the original Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Team Flash looked to Hunter Zolomon (née Jay Garrick!) The Flash: Zoom's True Identity - What Does It Mean? Par ailleurs, Zoom pensait aussi que la famille fragilise. While seeking to inhabit the body that Jordan most desires, the Star Sapphire gem again possesses her for a brief period during the Mystery of the Star Sapphire story line. To his understandable shock, she then kills him, declaring that the love in her heart that the ring detected was not for him, but for the Clann she belonged to, that accepted her when no one else would. Later, in Infinite Crisis #6, several magic-users assemble at Stonehenge and summon the Spectre. The murderer then sends a death threat to Lois Lane (Superman's wife). Eobard Thawne, under the guise of Wells, literally molded his nemesis Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) into The Flash all in the name of using him to get home. Il a tout d'abord prononcé cette phrase lors de son premier duel contre Barry, puis lors d'une nouvelle confrontation dans le bureau du policier, il lui a dit qu'il le battra parce qu'il doit toujours jouer les héros tandis qu'ils regardent un immeuble s'effondrer. As the investigation continues, Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) is stabbed by the Shadow Thief, who wields the Shining Knight's enchanted sword, breaching his skin. Il emmène ensuite Barry dans sa prison où sont également enfermés Jesse et le Jay Garrick venu de Terre-3 (dont la team Flash ignore encore l'identité). Toutefois, le produit provoque également chez lui une dégénérescence cellulaire qui le tue progressivement.

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